3 Recent Swing trade calls, all of which worked out

Here are some of my notes on recent stocks that I thought looked good and the actual results.  One of them, HBM, I actually took.  The other two, BPT and IDRA, I didn’t take because I was waiting on my sell of HBM to settle.  Sometimes I’ll only put half of my funds in a trade, other times I’m in 100% because I feel pretty confident about the odds.  In all cases though, I’m out quickly if things aren’t going my way.

First up is a trade that I actually took, HBM…









You can see on the 1 minute chart at the open where I got in low around the yellow highlighted area and then got out when it started to consolidate a little after 10 AM.  This trade worked out nicely, got in at $9.00 on the nose and out at 9:32, for a 3.56% gain.

Here is why I liked this one.  Take a look at the longer term chart below:

  • You can see that first of all, at around this $9 range, we were at a decent support area with the blue line.
  • Also, look at the green box.  Over about 2 weeks, this stock climbed from 9 to 10, then had a quick drop.

After the big red candle, the white candle is the day I took the trade.  You can see it opened lower, right around that $9 support line, dipped quickly, then moved sharply higher.  One of the reasons I liked this trade setup is what I think the psychology is behind it…all within that green box.

  1. You’ve got people who got in during that climb who see the drop and think it’s a deal the next day.  They buy.
  2. You’ve got those that had been sitting on the sidelines that missed out on that two week climb kicking themselves as they watched it go to 10.  When they see this big red candle, they now see their chance.  They buy.

Could be wrong, but that’s how I saw it.  Either way, it worked out!

Next we got BPT.  This stock got whacked from around 28 to a bit over 21 in short order.  Some of that had to do with a dividend distribution, which gets taken out of the price, the other had to do with possible other reasons I could care less about.

Here’s what I saw.

Take a look at this screenshot I put together.  The blue line is interesting.  Two things with this line, just like the prior trade above.  You’ve got support and the point of a prior breakout!  A thing of beauty.

Look how that worked out above.  I didn’t take the trade, but what if you had at the end of day after it consolidated from the decline.  Opened higher.  Heck, even if you had taken the trade  right at the open around 22.20 or so, it still ended up going to 24.

Finally, IDRA.  This is another one big loser of the day where it would have been good to get in before the close for a bounce the next day.










In this case, it wasn’t so much a bounce the next day, but a continuation of the bounce that occurred around 1.85-1.90.  I like when you see a second low that doesn’t touch the lower Bollinger Band like the screenshot above.  Once it did that, it was off to the races to the 2.20 range as you can see from the screenshot below.  Didn’t take this trade either, but there’s always another day to find setups!