Latest swing trades – Week of 10-30-17 (RUN – KRNT – WDR)

Been awhile since I posted, sometimes life gets in the way…

Quick update on my current holdings (as of 11.5.17) below


This one stood out to me because we have a recent decline within a longer term uptrend.  Also, there are 2 trendlines that  come together right at this point last week.  First is a horizontal trendline and the second is a longer term upward sloping trendline.  Both intersect this past week at or around $19.  Here’s the chart:

Swing trade, 2 trendlines coming together. positive swing trade reversal setup

I was watching it in the morning, opened higher than the previous day’s close, went a bit lower, then was back and forth between 19.00 and 19.03.  Wanted to get lower, but was feeling like it wanted to go higher, so I got in at 19.02.  Amazing.  Almost right after that, jumped to 19.07 when I took the screenshot above.

Take a look at the second chart for WDR below.

Indicators turning up, MACD, RSI and Slow Stochastics

Everything is turning around, seems like we certainly have a confirmed bounce off those support lines.  Current price is at $19.34.  We’ll see what it does if it goes higher into some potential resistance around $19.50 (prior lows).

KRNT – bought this one earlier in the week.  Hasn’t done much.

Recent consolidation after a large gap down (in yellow) that is now trending up

That gap is looking pretty juicy.  After that gap down, this stock held it’s ground and is now trending up.  Bollinger bands tightening and stock is towards the upper end.  Poised for a move.  Wanted it to move higher, because it has earnings next week.  Don’t like holding through earnings.  Let’s see if it moves on Monday and Tuesday.  Might have to sell if it doesn’t move those 2 days before earnings.

Same thing with my third holding with RUN.  No gap to potentially be filled on this one, but earnings next week.  Was expecting a move higher, but it’s been trading sideways.  Hopefully we get a pre-earnings move on Monday and Tuesday.

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Greedy Goblin