Potential swing trade setups for 10-2-17

I’m looking at 6 potential trades to enter on Monday, 10/2 or a few days afterwards for the week, depending on how these behave for the next few days.

First up…AERII like how the current price is at the points where it intersects the long term uptrending support line and the horizontal support line.  It has bounced off the horizontal support twice already.  Took a dip below on Friday though, but bounced off the uptrend support.  Will need confirmation to see where it opens on Monday.

Current price is at $48.60.  If bounce is confirmed, looking for a move up near the $55 range.

ELS.   This is a pretty one!  Bounce confirmed off of horizontal support around $84. Take a look at ELS’s chart #2 below:

So far this year, ELS has been on a nice uptrend, which was recently broken here in September.  The uptrend has been violated, but but a top could be forming.  Expecting a bounce back up near that trendline, near $88.

Next up…VTR.

A few things appear to be happening here.  A bounce off of the horizontal trendline.  The ascending trendline at the bottom was violated.   However, we could have a wedge forming, if this stock bounces, should be going to about $67 or $68 range.

Also, I like how we’ve hit the lower end of the Bollinger Band, and the lows for Slow Stochastics are in the dirt.  Also, accumulation/distribution trendline is up.

The fourth one for next week is CONE, which I really like:Nice uptrend range you can see that started at the beginning of the year.  I don’t see why that should end.  Also, we have the bounce of the red horizontal trendline in the beginning of August 2017, which also was a distant high back in August 2016.  That line holds some solid weight to me.

Chart #2 for CONE…Confirmations of a bounce off lower Bollinger Bands.  Confirmation of a bounce off of Accumulation/Distribution trendline.  Confirmation of a bounce coming with the slow stochastics.  Looks like things are lining up for me on this one!

Would like to see if I can get in below the strong up candle from Friday, below the close of $58.93.  Would be nice to see a slightly higher open, then a retracement to $58.50ish.  I’d love to get in around that point and ride it higher over about a week or so to a likely level of $61+!

HDSN is number 5 on my list to watch next week.

This one could setup for a huge reward vs. the risk.  Currently at 7.81, could see a move towards 8.50-9.00.  Look at how HDSN is currently right at the upward sloping trendline in blue and also at the horizontal support line in red.  Very nice.

Chart#2 for HDSN:

More beauty here too.  Could see the bounce off the lower Bollinger Band.  After breaking the Accumulation/Distribution trendline in blue, we are currently at a prior low of the Accumulation/Distribution trendline in red.  Stochastics are also lining up for a bounce in the shaded vertical areas.

Ok, finally we have PNW:

Another nice one where we are currently at the upward sloping trendline and a horizontal trendline.

Chart 2 for PNW:

Closer view of where PNW is on longer term trendline, with detail of Accumulation/Distribution trendline and Stochastics.  Could be a nice move up from $84.56 to $88 or so.

I’ll be watching these 6 on Monday and likely will be in on one of them for sure!  Make your own decisions and if you want, let me know your thoughts!


Greedy Goblin